SCALEO infinity

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The SCALEO infinity is the first diving light, that 100% fulfills the requirements of a tech diver primary light and those of a powerfull video light.
It combines maximum performance with low weight and small size.


The SCALEO infinity is equipped with an emergency light; if the battery is almost empty the brightness will be automatically reduced to 5% light output.
Its no problem if you use it accidentally outside the water. Thanks to the heat protection, the light dims down automatically before it gets too hot.


The SCALEO infinity is a handy flyweight both under water and above water. Therefore the lamp is perfect suited for the carry-on luggage.


The SCALEO infinity is equipped with a precisely focused spot and a powerful 120° videolight. Thanks to the unique Infinite Flux Control, the light intensity of both can be dimmed infinitely. That way you can either choose between spot or wide angle, or use any combination of both.


The SCALEO infinity is a compact and very handy dive light that meets all expectations – true to the motto smaller, brighter, better. High performance in the smallest possible space and guaranteed leak proof up to 200m.


The SCALEO infinity can be used for both: short and long dives. Depending on the accessories you choose, the SCALEO infinity can be connected to an external battery canister via E/O Cord or permanently. For shorter dives the clip on battery delivers enough energy to power the spot ~4 hours.


The battery indicator shows precise how much energy is left in the battery. If there is less than a 25% left, the color changes to red.